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    I test new products in all available times. Many amplifiers are such that they can be a little difficult to match with other things and have properties that would not have made me buy such an amplifier myself. Then I also do not really want to try to sell such a product to others.

    Therefore, I am so VERY happy when I rarely find something that I like well myself and that turns out to be easy and match with other things.

    Yesterday, I unpacked a couple of new Audio Valve Challenger 115 monoblocks and connected them.

    From the first second it was a pleasure to hear the music flowing out of my Spendor Classic 100 speakers. It is quite unusual for brand new amplifiers to provide such good sound right away.

    This is not for you who wants "razor sharp" details presented in an intensive manner. I find that Challenger 115 gives me all the details that I want to hear, but communicated in a refined and elegant way, so that they only become part of the overall experience of the music.

    Here I welcome customers both during the day, evening and weekends. So just send me an email at: and suggest a day it suits you. Then I'll have plenty of time for you.

    Hallvar - AudioAktoren, Norway

    As a proud and very satisfied owner of the Challerger 115/Eclipse combination, I thought that this little review had to be translated ....

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    For over 20 years, I have been testing enormously many amplifiers, visiting Hi-Fi fairs, other retailers and importers, as well as traveling all over Eastern Norway and parts of Western Norway and helping people build up complete facilities or improve existing facilities. So at least I have something to compare with.

    The Audio Valve Assistant 100 Mk II will appeal to you who do NOT want more large transistor amplifiers, but be sure to buy an amplifier that primarily takes care of the musical qualities, but AT THE SAME TIME presents the music with every detail and sophistication that Make you perhaps stand in the chair in pure reverence over what the musicians are presenting.

    Pure pleasure! No longer glassy sound on women's voices and metallic sound from various instruments.

    Many amplifiers that have warm sound tend to have other weaknesses, such as the music seems tighter, dull and with smooth bass.

    No, Assistant 100 Mk II makes the music live.

    Even on slightly mediocre recordings, the actual communication of the music is engaging and provides an inner pleasure.

    The performance of the 2x120 watt ensures that you do not need specially powered speakers for this amplifier.

    On Tuesday I had a visit here at my combined office and demo room in Krokstadelva by a customer who had driven completely from the Grenland region and here.

    He has extensive experience with Hi-Fi products and has had a lot of nice equipment. But as he described what he heard here, I think he now got something to think about.

    I'm going to bring this amplifier to Gjøvik, so if you have the opportunity you should stop by between 11.00 and 14.00 now on Saturday January 19th.

    If you live along the road between Drammen and Gjøvik, or in the Mjøsregionen - and would like to try this amplifier at home in your own facility, you should contact me as soon as possible by email: or call me at 92 89 57 73.

    If you live somewhere else in the country and do not have the opportunity to hear this amplifier at Gjøvik, I strongly recommend you to visit my combined office and demo room in Krokstadelva outside Drammen.

    Here I welcome customers both during the day, evening and weekends. So just send me an email at: and suggest a day it suits you. Then I'll have plenty of time for you.

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