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    There is a nice story from a US man who bought a 15-year old Baldur 300 broken pair in Housten Texas for a small fee. But let's let him tell his own story and hear what we all have learned and done. He will post here in the next few days its story.

    Hi everyone I do in fact have a nice story to tell. I saw an ad online for a pair of Baldur 300 monoblock amplifiers for sale in Houston Texas. They were not working at the time and were available for an almost unbelievable price. I live 3000 miles away, so logistically it was a problem as the ad was local pickup only. I hopped in my car and drove 6000 miles in 6 days to go get the amps in Houston. I did not look at the amps until I returned home and was excited to see immediately what the problem was with amp 1. I replaced a 2.00 thermistor and it fired right up. I turned to amp 2 and it was just a fuse holder that needed retensioning. Once I did that amp 2 fired right up. I contacted Helmut Becker throughout the process and the help I received was invaluable in helping me repair them. Emails answered quickly and all questions answered honestly. So in short while it was a bit of a gamble, these amps are designed so well I just knew I would be able to get them working. I would like to thank Helmut Becker again for everything. I have a good working knowledge of electronics and would like to offer my help where I can. These amps also sat for years and have less than 100 hours total use. Best road trip ever.