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    Just for sharing experience with some tubes tested with the Eclipse if that can help someone, here is an update :

    Set 1 : a quad of Tesla ecc802s : clear and airy sound but the global sound miss of charm/intensity with a lack of bass. So I let them running about 50 hour for a burn-in but a result doesn't change a lot.

    Set 2 : a quad of E80CC Valvo : nice sound and nice airy spacialization and deep scenary, warm without exces, maybe a bass a bit discret if I compare with the 6211 Telefunken

    Set 3 : 6211 Telefunken in input and the E80CC in output, nice set that combine the best part of these 2 pairs

    Set 4 : 5814A GE 5 stars in input and the same E80CC in output, these 5814 provide a better natural sound from bass to trebble, a bit more bass than the 6211 and a better open scenary, more and clearer micro information such as applause in live recordings.

    So my favorite is set 4... at the moment.

    Please note that as you know it depends on your own taste, equipment we have and the condition of the tubes as they are all NOS.

    Have a nice time



    Rca clear top looks to have same results with MP1968.

    During these days I tested a quad of General Electric 5965, the soundstage is better that the RTC, larger and deeper more detailled but the treble is too bright sounds like the RCA clear top to make a comparison.

    Also tested a quad of 6189 RT (not RTC) better soundstage than the 6189 RTC, the rest is eqaul (sound instruments and treble to bass), so well balanced, a nice tube.

    And finally I've grabed a pair of 6211 Telefunken and these ones give a very nice balanced result of soundstage, sound instruments and from bass to treble, details. The best resul I have it at the moment. It's like to have the soundstage of the GE with the treble of the RT, the bass is excellent firm but not dry.

    I put them in the left side and keep the RT 6169 on the right one. I think to get a second pair of 6211 Telefunken, just to see if better.
    I'm now curious to test a pair or quad of E80CC.
    For info: I listen only CDs via CD1 input

    Thanks you very much for your answers, a great help for me as I'm new in the tube world.

    I've a matched pair of 6211 Telefunken in my radar. I'll see tomorrow if still available

    In the meantime, today I bought 2 pairs (close for a quad finally) of RTC 6189 and the result is ... wow, wonderfull, well balanced, lot a micro info that appear without being analytic, more natural/neutral sound. Exit/forgot my quad of RCA.

    The Eclipse is a very nice machine, yes enjoy the music.

    Kind regards