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    Today I have hooked up my Apple Computer using the USB connection to the incredible AudioValve Solaris, & it would be the same for the Luminare & played some incredible music from not only iTunes, but also Spotify.

    Those of you that don't have an Apple Computer will have no problems either. It seems that Mr. Becker has once again created and incredible sounding piece of equipment that look beautiful but preforms equally as well. Play them through other audio valve amplifiers or you headphones and enjoy the music.

    Tomorrow we will be trying qobuz

    The AU7 is a great vacuum tube and

    Well known for its a low noise , and part of double triode family. It Is used either in 6.3 V at 300 mg what 12.63 50 mA in a heater circuits for both PreAmps and Amplifiers.

    That said I will address Gerad’s question: You can use the 6211 in the Eclipses. This tube is more like the 12AT7 with a lower gain than both the 12Au7 and the 12AT7. The construction of this tube makes it as as very desirable tube because it tends to be more ridged, robust, and very mellow. Make shure when purchasing that they are tested for Microphonics.

    Gerard, if you can find a matched pair of Telefunken 6211; grab them! Some of my colleagues have claimed better bass response from these tubes.

    Good luck and enjoy the music


    The ECC80 is a tube I have not come across, As I understand it was primarily made in Europe just like the ECC82 and we have made an equivalent via RCA, GE, Sylvania in our 12AU7. The ECC 80 from Holland would be something I would love to find or our equivalent 6085. I will tell you that I love the ECC82 from Holland and have absolutely enjoyed the sound of the Amperex tubes including the Bugle Boys. I'll try and get a better answer for you regarding the ECC80.

    Until than enjoy the music.

    Hello again Mark<

    Nice to hear from you again. I am very interested in your findings with the Psvane 12AU 7's. I have some of the RCA clear tops and have found them to have a similar sound to the mallards with some differences

    Mark, my most succinct answer for you is to think of the left tubes in the Eclipse as your money tubes. Keep the stock tubes on the right and forget about them. I would love to have some of your equipment. I don't have enough room in my flat to own that many Amplifiers and my first real fine speakers were Tannoy's. That was back around 1976. My favorite concert was

    WOODSTOCK8). I had a lot more hair back than.

    Remember the left tubes are the money tubes, I would suggest a match pair whenever possible and please tell us about the Psvane 12AU7's.




    MP 1968:

    First, I do not know what amplifiers you have teamed up with the Eclipse?

    Every piece of equipment matters! Think of your setup as a multiple windows that you are looking through. If one is dirty than you have compromised the system. A solid State amplifier will sound very much different from a Tube amplifier. The dampening factor of a solid state amp is exceedingly better and will give you more bass control but can't compare to the harmonics of a tube amp. So again we need to know what music you enjoy and what other components are in your setup. I like Nordust Valhalla cable, you may like Cardas or MIT cables. My experience has led me to believe that tube rolling has its merits on the two left tubes. Each manufacture of tubes can differ in materials during manufacturing. I mention the Sylvania Triple Mica 12AU7 and the Bubble Boy from Holland, Both are 12AU7's but the materials are vastly different. The Cathodes will heat at a different rate and temperature releasing thermionic emissions at different rates.

    Think of this in terms of free electrons. A better understand is much easier for you to Google "How Vacuum tube work".

    Again it is all a matter of what you enjoy! If you listen to Bob Marley than the Eclipse is not going to give you that electric bass slam you like. If its jazz or vocals, I love my Eclipse.

    I hope that this has been of some help.

    Enjoy the Music.

    Let me please try and address Your first question regarding the Eclipse. First I will clarify the facts for everyone in the forum, Only the Power Amplifiers have the ABR circuit which is also called the Auto Bia Regulator. The preamplifiers do not have this circuit geometry and DO NOT auto Bias.

    Next, you are correct in your statement that the tubes on the left side are most important and that a matched pair would be a very wise investment.

    I myself have no experience withThe Westinghouse 12AU7's but the company has a reputation of as being one of the best in the world. What I can tell you that I have done some good tube rolling with Aperex 7316 out of the Holland factory and the Bugle Boys, RCA clear tops sound very similar to Mallards and the Sylvania triple mica AU7's.

    Everything is a matter of personal taste? My personal taste is the Bugle Boys than the RCA Clear Tops, but I may have different taste than you do.

    I Hope this is of some help. Someone in Florida told me he likes the Sylvania's more