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    Hello fellow Audio”valve”philes!

    I am new to the group. Please excuse my English as I am a Canadian living in Germany. Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut! My hobbies include classic cars and high-end audio and living here has allowed me to live my dream. I have been in pursuit of a reference system and I believe I have finally found it in Audio Valve. For the last ca. 30 years, I have bought and sold, tried and tested so many different high-end components and never been truly satisfied until now. I thank Helmut Becker for that! I have not had the opportunity to meet Helmut in person yet however, we have exchanged several emails. I am now the proud owner of a pair of his company’s Baldur 300 Monoblocks Limited Edition and an Eclipse Preamp (latest version with 3x XLR inputs and 1x XLR output). I must say, I have never come across such a warm, sweet, clear and dynamic sound as I have with this Audio Valve set-up. The Eclipse is by far the best sounding preamp I have heard (even beyond its price) and that is with the stock EH tubes! Combining this with the Baldur 300’s has made the walls of my sound room “disappear”. The wide imaging and sense of depth create a soundstage where vocals and instruments are almost “frighteningly” realistic… It scares me to think just how good the Conductor would be! Maybe someday, Helmut...

    Helmut, thank you for your dedication and non-stop pursuit of excellent sounding, incredibly designed and built to last Audio Valve products. A special thanks for combining that with customer service and personal communication that is second to none. Your commitment to the customer is above and beyond expectations. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and AudioValve a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous 2019 as you continue to grow your company.

    Regards and enjoy the music!