My Apple computer is playing beautiful music with

  • Information zur Nutzung des DAC`s mit Apple Rechnern ohne Installation weiterer Treiber - PLUG AND PLAY Apple an Luminare oder Solaris - jeweils mit unserem DAC

    I have some good news !

    My Apple computer is playing beautiful music with

    I have not tried iTunes yet but I can try that tomorrow. I am a very happy man! 😃🙏👋


    Today I have hooked up my Apple Computer using the USB connection to the incredible AudioValve Solaris, & it would be the same for the Luminare & played some incredible music from not only iTunes, but also Spotify.

    Those of you that don't have an Apple Computer will have no problems either. It seems that Mr. Becker has once again created and incredible sounding piece of equipment that look beautiful but preforms equally as well. Play them through other audio valve amplifiers or you headphones and enjoy the music.

    Tomorrow we will be trying qobuz