ASSISTENT 50 / Review HiFi WIGWAM, april 2017

  • AudioValve Assistent 50 Integrated Amp REALREVIEWED by HiFi Wigwam

    George Sallit of HiFi Wigwam recently reviewed the AudioValve Assistent 50 Integrated Amplifer. After putting it to the test with various genres of music, he found it to be a unique amplifier that managed to create engaging 3D soundstages.

    "I got lost in the tracks and started to forget I was meant to be reviewing."

    "And the voices. Ah yes. They are very clear, natural and made by a real 3D person not a super detailed paper cut out."

    "On 11:11 by Rodrigo and Gabriela the huge range of ‘effects’ they can get out of an acoustic guitar is amazing but it does not smother the superb guitar playing and the dynamics they can get from the tunes being played."

    "The amplifier was really showing off these artificial 3D soundstages and they are essential to the overall flow with its creation of a real atmosphere."

    You can find out more about what Mr. Sallit had to say about the valve integrated amplifier, by clicking here.