Yuriy Kulikovich and his BALDUR 300 +, November 21, 2019

  • When I turned on Baldur 300+ monoblocks in my system along with my Ayon Butterfly speakers, I was impressed by the power of sound. There was a feeling of pure energy. When the Shure M3D plays Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love, it’s just impossible to stand still; their energy makes you get out of your seat and move to the rhythm. On top of that, the dynamic range has expanded significantly. The highs are very clean and natural, the bottoms, clear and vibrant. The Monoblocks Baldur 300+ control the low-frequency speakers very well. Before getting it, my acoustics did not work with an 80 Watt amplifier at all, the speakers just buzzed. Now I get great pleasure from the sound. Large stage, volume, very good detail, wide dynamic range, energy. All this makes me simply delighted. I used to almost never listen to Pink Floyd. It sounded expressionless to me. Now I enjoy them a lot.

    And this is all despite not even having an active preamplifier (which my friends make fun of me for!). I am grateful to Helmut for his high professionalism, enthusiasm, and level of contact. I am extremely pleased with Baldur 300+ monoblocks.

    My setup:

    Turntable: Garrard 401

    Phono Stage: Manley Steelhead

    Power Amplifiers: Baldur 300+

    Loudspeakers: Ayon Butterfly


    Interconnect+Speaker: Acoustic Revive SPC-PA Speaker Cable, ACOUSTIC REVIVE RCA cable 1m PA,

    Phono cable: Cardas Golden Reference.

    Power cable: Purist Audio Design RLS