HIFIMAN postet auf eigener Facebook Seite Test mit Solaris von STEREOTIMES

  • https://www.facebook.com/HiFiMANElectronics/

    "So I decided to slip into the HE1000SE and see what everyone was so excited about during the headphone forums, both here in New York City and in Chicago. I selected the track I saw and heard on performed on the Oscars by the Title “Shallow.” And I was actually blown away. The sheer dynamics and depth of this track was telling me that this new piece of equipment that I just introduced into my system was screaming at me “CHECK ME OUT”!""

    Thanks for including Hifiman Electronics' 1000se in the Stereo Times AudioValve Solaris headphone amp review!

    Da sage ich doch mal, alle Daumen hoch, denn da kommt auch nicht jeder drauf ....:thumbup: